Julia Kukulies, PhD

About Me

Me @ Kungsleden, Norra Sverige

I am currently an ASP Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder (Colorado) where I am doing research in the Capacity Center for Climate & Weather Extremes section. I am holding a Doctor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences and my main research interest is the role of atmospheric processes like water vapor transport, precipitation and storm formation in the Climate-Earth-System. How these processes change in a warmer climate is an essential question for how we build our future societes, because they are directly related to water availability and natural hazards. Learn more about my specific research interests here.

While my research focuses on the physical aspects of the climate system and climate change, I am also interested in questions related to sustainability transitions and climate justice. A dialogue between scientists, decision-makers and civil society is needed in many sustainability questions, whether on global, regional or local scale. Check out Researchers Desk Sweden for current activities and projects of science communication from Swedish climate scientists!

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